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Row By Row:

The Row By Row Experience ended so you cannot get the free pattern for rows anymore.  There is still time to bring in a completed quilt though and no one has submitted one to my shop yet this year. 

License plates (cotton sateen) are still available until they are gone, and can be mailed.   You can go to to see more information. 

Pattern correction for my row:

CORRECTION:  (I hate them!)  Please put the following on page one of instructions as the 3rd paragraph.  Somehow I left it out.  Thank you and I'm sorry for any inconvenience...

Take a C red and C blue 2” square and cut them once on the diagonal to give you two red and two blue triangles.  Sew the red triangles to the blue triangles and iron down seams.  Take one red/blue square you just created and sew to the left side of L red rectangle with red against red for the left side of the roof.  (See block diagram.)  Sew the other red/blue square and sew to the right side of the rectangle with red against red per diagram.  Iron seams down.  Sew to the H/B/B row above.  Pin the seam to match it up with the chimney piece, B.


This is my shop's 2015 license plate, and are available now until they are gone.  The cost is $5.

These are the 2016 license plates for my shop.  They are $5 and will be available until they are gone.

I have a lot of patterns that are fun ideas for all those license plates you will be collecting.  So stop in to see what's new in the cabin under the pines.



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