Current hours:  Closed all of March and April for vacation.  Will re-open on May 3rd.

Welcome!   Thank you for visiting my web site.  My shop does not discriminate against anyone regardless of race, religion or disability.


Row By Row:

The Row By Row Experience is coming up in June, 2016.  The license plates are available now, until they are gone, and can be mailed.    You can go to to see more information. 

My shop's row will look something like this in 2016...  The theme is Home Sweet Home.


My shop's 2015 license plate (below) is available now until it is gone.  The cost is $5. 


Art Quilt Show and Ice Cream Social

Sunday, June 26, 2016, will be the next Quilter's Social:  An Ice Cream Social!  Noon until 4:00 p.m.
Where?  It will be held at Rugger's Landing, 5643 N US Hwy 51, Mercer, WI.  If weather is permitting, we will have the ice cream social and Art Quilt display outside under a cover or tent top.
Submit your quilts either in person or by certified mail with return-postage paid certified envelope- to my shop between May 3 and Saturday, June 18th.  I will not be able to pick them up at the post office in March or April, so send after May 3rd. 
Requirements for the quilts are:
They must not be more than 20 inches wide or 20 inches tall. 
All quilts must be artful - not just piecing and not just quilting. 
Some art of abstract nature and more than one color must be presented on the quilt. 
Art quilt must not have been submitted to any other competition previously.
Any quilt larger will not be accepted because of limited space.
All art quilts must have a label permanently attached to the back for identification purposes.
A quilt sleeve on the back is not necessary but would be helpful.
Limit 2 art quilts per person and only the maker can submit their quilts.  i.e.: your husband cannot submit 2 more of your quilts.
Art quilts must have a quilt sandwich - top layer, layer of some sort in the middle, and a backing of some sort.
Any medium of materials is acceptable as long as a quilt sandwich requirement is made.  This is what makes it a quilt!
Art quilts will be judged by three judges (experienced quilters) and people who come to the display. 
Art quilt should be art - not perfection - and be fun for you to make.
All displays will have the creator's name and their 100 word (max.) description next to or near the quilt(s), limit 2 per person.
All entries must be made by a living person - i.e.: a quilt from your deceased relative, etc. is not acceptable.
A grand prize and secondary prize will be awarded at 4:00 p.m. on that day.  You need not be present to win.
All entries will be available for pick up at my shop starting the following Tuesday, June 28, 2016.  All entries requiring mailing will be sent back as soon as possible.
Please have the following information along with your submission:
Name, address, telephone number(s), e-mail, date made, materials used, and a 100 word or less description of what inspired you to make this art or to explain what is on the art quilt.  A permanent label must be affixed to the back of the art quilt to give identification to you for your safe return.  If you are sending the art quilt, please send in a certified mail package with a postage-paid return certified mail envelope that is pre-addressed to you.  This will insure its safe return, but we are not responsible for any theft of your art quilt but will provide a secure setting for the competition.  All efforts to keep your art quilt(s) safe from theft and or damage will be our main concern.  We are quilters too and know how much time, effort and love can go into any quilt.  Thank you for your understanding.  If mailing, send to:  Cheri Stratte, Cheri's Fabric to Quilt, P.O. Box 82, Mercer, WI 54547.  All entries must be received between May 3rd and June 18th.


What does my shop look like?

My shop is very unique!  Its in a log cabin that was built in 1940, has a fireplace, wood floors and a lot of character.  Here is a picture of some of my shop.

I offer so many notions, that I possibly have the most notions in the northern area for a multitude of sewing projects.  I carry an entire palette of Jinny Beyer's (150 tonal colors) that are re-stocked regularly.  So if you're looking for a particular color, walk up to the palette wall and you're set.  I carry canvas, fleece, leather and SILK!  I have bulk silk $5 per bag (pieces as large as 8 or so inches) and silk ties for $3 each.  You just can't find a shop that carries such a variety.

My shop also has an entire rack of Creative Grid rulers that are made in the USA; AURIfil and WonderFil threads; upholstery fabrics and 1/2 price fabrics (while they last).  There is an entire wall of batiks; 18 different kinds of sewing needles; a huge selection of Civil War-type fabrics and, of course, loon fabrics. 

My shop is located in a seasonal part of the State.  So starting November and going through the winter, the shop will be open Wednesday through Saturday only.  So that means my shop will be closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off-season.  Please make a note of it.

I can ship you items if you require it, but do not have an on-line purchasing option at this time. 

I accept most credit cards.


Where is my shop?

My shop is located right on Highway 51 in Mercer, right across from the BP gas station.  It has a brown fence in front and several very large, pine trees in the front yard.  The address is 5244 N US Hwy 51.  Look for my sign that has my logo-above on it.  The nearest cross-road south is Vaughn Street and Hwy 51.

Please see the newsletter section for more information.



5244 N US

Hwy 51

Mercer, WI 54547

P.O. Box 82